Thursday, February 28, 2013

NewFO February Update!

Well, it's that time again. The end of the month has already caught up with me and it's time to share the new starts for this month. Amazingly, there are three and they are all finishes as well! I'm linking up through the 2013 NewFO Challenge and Linky Party hosted by Barbara at Cat Patches.


I got to take part in two blog hops this month which each resulted in new starts and finishes! First was the Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop. It was such fun making something totally creative and scrappy! Here's the journey to creation of my Heartfelt Love table topper.

Next up was the It's All About ME Blog Hop with the wonderful Amy Bradley applique pattern to work from. I revealed Moondance Gal on Feb 26 if you'd like to learn a little more about me. 

If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I had yet another start when my sister-in-law found out her cancer is back. She wanted a cuddle quilt to take with her to treatments and so I got busy once again. And Comforting Words went from an idea to a completed quilt in just over a week and has already been sent to California, completely done and ready to use! Cindy was overjoyed with it when it arrived and I'm so happy I could do this for her.

There are other projects out on the table, several already underway from previous months and several yet to be started. Maybe those will make the list for March's NewFO Challenge! It's been fun, frantic, and fabulous to get three new starts AND finishes all in one month! And what a sense of accomplishment!

It's been a busy month with a long weekend of grandkids visiting, the first paper due in my master's class last week, got my taxes done and my FAFSA filed, and now I am ready for a fresh start tomorrow! Here's hoping there's no more snow and that my plans to buy a home come together before my lease runs out June 1. More busy times ahead, but it's all good. Life's synchronicities are all working together and things are falling into place very nicely. 

More snippets from the sewing room soon,


  1. Liz you have been a busy girl...LOVE the Heart tabletopper, it's just too cute. It was so nice to Meet YOU "Moondance Girl" - I'm sure your SIL will cuddle with every loving stitch you put into that wonderful quilt - sending Prayers for her. Working on your Masters? That's fantastic! Finished your taxes???? I'm jealous (but I'm 'almost' done too - almost...).

    1. I'm ready for a month of starts and no finishes! The pressure is driving me crazy! LOL! It's all been great fun and thank you for the prayers. Cindy calls and asks me for prayers often, so all are welcome. Yep, MS in Gerontology--I'll be an old person specializing in old people! Ha! And it took a call to my brother in order to finish my taxes--he'd sent final paperwork on the estate that didn't make sense. Whew! Happy that's done!!! Onward and upward. Weekly posts for class done, and way too late I'm finally heading to bed. Jacob will be here bright and early!

  2. What a fun group of projects. Just adorable. Thanks for linking up.

  3. What a wonderfull 'cuddle quilt'. There's nothing better than to be surrounded by family when going through difficult times.

  4. Great cuddle quilt. I have a friend who was just diagnosed, and she needs one. I'm a hand quilter, so, I'd never get it made in time.