Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mission accomplished: It's in the mail!

This afternoon I wrapped Comforting Words up in a cloth bag, printed out the journey of its making to include in the box, and went to the Post Office. Cindy's cuddle quilt to take to her chemo treatments is on its way from Kansas to California and should be there no later than Saturday. Hurray!!!! I may have been overly optimistic thinking I could get it done in a week, but it only took me a couple days long than that. I'm pretty amazed myself! I called Cindy this evening and told her to look for the box on Friday or Saturday and she was so happy!!! She has many struggles before her, but at least I know she'll be wrapped up in all the love and prayer that I put into the making of that quilt for her. She's promised to send me a picture of herself with the quilt and I'll post it when it arrives.

So now I'm back to my other more urgent projects. First up is the Buffalo Baby Quilt already, which already has the borders quilted--spent the last couple of hours doing a lazy L around the borders and across the sashings. Now to tackle whatever I decide to do in the print strips. Looks to be a busy evening! With any luck it will be mostly complete by the weekend and ready for binding. It would be nice to have that one checked off the list and not dragged out to the last minute.

My older grandkids will be here for the long weekend and I'll have Jacob overnight from mid-day Saturday to mid-day Sunday, so it'll probably be too busy to do anything here. However, you never know. Maybe after they're all asleep I'll sneak in for some late-night blog-therapy. 'Til then, Happy Stitching!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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