Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's All About ME blog hop is underway!!!

After spending several days under the weather with the winter sinus crud going around, I'm finally getting back to my normal tricks. Sewing room is strewn with scraps and piles of fabric (gee, do I have to stop and clean? I might get lost in the shuffle!). I'm procrastinating (as usual--I so LOVE deadlines!) on the paper due Friday night (EEKS! That's tomorrow!) for my class. And IT SNOWED!!! A LOT!!! Well, for a California girl it feels like a lot. Hehehehe! Where I grew up, if we got a "heavy frost" it was a big deal! I'd be out there in my saddle shoes (remember those hideous things and the shoe-white to go with?!?) sliding around making trails in the frost on the front lawn. That was it! We had to drive, for HOURS, to the mountains if we wanted to see real snow! But last night we had real snow right here in Kansas and there's more coming down! Offices are closed, schools are closed, roads are closed, airports are closed, everyone is enjoying their snow day while it lasts. Me? I'm sitting here in my pjs and fuzzy slippers enjoying the view out the window. Perfect!
My car is nice and dry inside the garage. But the neighbors who park outside might have a little difficulty getting out. One neighbor got out of their garage with a 4WD. Good for them! I'm staying home! LOL!

Now, about that blog hop... Oh yeah, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!! Well, today is actually day three already! Yep, I've been off the radar. I'd be posting pictures of my WIP, but it's for this blog hop, so NO PEEKING!!! Be sure to check out all the great creations that have already been revealed and are yet to offer up their awesomeness! Even though my reveal day isn't until next Tuesday, I'm sending out a big THANK YOU to Mdm. Samm at Sew We Quilt and Marlene at Stitchin By The Lake for their organizing and cheerleading skills, and to Amy Bradley for the adorable lady she so generously offered to the participants to play with! And now on with the schedule so you can happily hop your way around to see all the fun! Have a GREAT week and see you in blog land!

Tuesday, February 19
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Wednesday, February 20
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Thursday, February 21
Kris Loves Fabric
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Chickadees Country Cottage Crafts
In Stitches and Seams
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Friday, February 22
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Monday, February 25
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Tuesday, February 26
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Gypsy Dreamer Quilts ** That's ME!!!**
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Wednesday, February 27
The Passions of Cliodana
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Marla's Crafts
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Charlotte at That Other Blog
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Charlotte's Creations
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Thursday, February 28
Cherry Blossoms
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More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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