Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photo a day Challenge--Week 2

I'm back for another week's worth of photos for the Photo-a-Day Challenge hosted by FatMumSlim. I discovered the companion group on Facebook where I've been posting daily, but thought it would be fun to share my photo posts here as well. This week I got caught up in school work and a sick grandbaby, so didn't get as many posted. So, here's my catch-up for September week 2. 

So, the premise is, there is a list posted just before the first of each month with a prompt for each day of the upcoming month. Here's the list for September, the point at which I joined the fun. Pictures can be posted on Facebook, Twitter (which I have resisted signing up for so far), Pinterest, or blogs, or wherever else we decide to post them. So far, I'm trying to keep up with the daily posts to FB and am adding a weekly blog post just for fun, especially since a number of my pictures will be quilt/crafty related.
Here's my contributions for week two, Sept 9 through 15...
9/9  On the wall... Six generations

9/10  Sweet... Movie night with sweet treats and Sweet Home Alabama!

9/11 What you did today... Hung my brand new flag in remembrance of 9/11/2001.

9/12  Shadow... of the remaining blossoms on my rose bush.

9/13  Unexpected... pleasure of getting to see my grandson on the field for several plays at his first middle school game of the season!

9/14  Liquid... gloves to help with traction while free-motion quilting.

9/15  Season... of the Kansas State Fair! What a fun day, despite the 1"+ of rain we got in the last hour of the day. It was an adventure!

And now I'm caught up through last week and ready to start posting daily again. See you here for a re-cap next week!

More snippets (or photos) from the sewing room soon,

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