Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finish... Jordyn's Love & Peace

It's ten days since my last post and I'm happy to say I'm back to post a finish! Hurray!!! It's been a hectic time juggling two classes (at the master's level) with all the reading, papers due, online quizzes and message board responses required. Not to mention my daytime hours of watching little Jake which keep me more and more occupied as he gets busier and into more! So, there hasn't been much time to sew again. Darn! With my granddaughter Jordyn's birthday this week (she turned 10 on Wednesday), I knew I had to get a move on and finish her quilt!

So, I'm linking up with Richard & Tanya and their Link-a-Finish Friday! Thanks for hosting a fun collection of links that encourage us to whittle down those piles of UFOs. :-) 

I started this beauty last summer when Jordyn picked out these fun retro fabrics and brought them to me asking for a "peace sign quilt." It took some time, a trip around EQ7 to figure out the design and layout, and finally it was a top--Jordyn's Love & Peace quilt! I got it sandwiched & pinned not long after and then it sat on a shelf in my closet for months (in fact, two closets because it was finished before I moved last spring!) and as her birthday started to creep up on me, I realized I really needed to get this beauty out and get it quilted and finished so she could have it for her birthday this year.
What better way to kill time while taking care of Jacob than to be hand-stitching the binding down. School work doesn't happen with a 16-month-old in the house, so at least I could be productive for a few hours! It was so cute (and I wish I had pix, but he moves so fast it's hard to catch him when my hands are full of quilt and needle that I'm trying to keep out of his reach). He would come over and get under one corner of the quilt and play "peek-a-boo" and giggle like crazy! Made the time go quickly seeing him so happy playing under the quilt while I stitched.

Unfortunately this quilt is bigger/taller than my little patio fence can handle, but it's the best I an do for now. Hopefully I will get a couple of pix of her with her quilt on Sunday when we have dinner and presents with the family. Looking forward to seeing her face when she opens it! Edited 9/28/13: I put it on my spare bed (double/full) and took a shot and it came out great! She has a twin with a trundle so I'm sure it will be perfect. Not that it will spend much time there--more often than not she's in her dad's recliner or on the couch. Works for me! 
This entire quilt--piecing and quilting, was done with Aurifil 50 threads, primarily in light pink or white, with black on the wild borders.

It's a relief to finally have something in the DONE pile! Next month will be working on my great-great niece's baby quilt for an early December due date. Wish me luck!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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  1. Hey, cute! I love the flower fabric in the border - brings back memories. :)