Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Busy week of school work!

I had great intentions of starting last month's project for my Marti & Me class, which is fast approaching this coming Saturday morning; however, so far all I've done is pull out the fabrics and open and close the box a few times. Instead, those plans were spoiled by multiple assignments due in my master's classes for this semester. Luckily I have gotten my assignments turned in on time and my message board posts done in a timely manner as well. That's certainly a relief! For those who may be wondering, I'm nearly half way through getting a Master's of Science in Gerontology through the Great Plains IDEA online program and I'm enrolled at Kansas State University as my home institution. It's exciting to be pursuing this at my age (yes, I'll be hitting yet another round number in December--the big six-O). I'm still not sure what I'll do with it once I'm done, but at least I'll have accomplished what I set out to do. This semester I'm taking one of the core requirement courses--Nutrition and Physical Activity in Aging, and an elective, Spirituality and Aging. Both are fascinating, but are keeping me pretty much occupied between reading, online quizzes and message boards, and various assignments to be uploaded by specific dates.

I did complete the quilting on Jordyn's Peace quilt last week and got it trimmed. I really need to get the binding sewn on and stitched down since her birthday is a week from Thursday. It will be here all to quickly, so I'd better get on it to be sure it's ready!

For the Marti & Me class last month, we got Marti Michell's template set H to make the Seven Sisters quilt. Some of the gals are only doing table runners with two star clusters, but I'm hoping to make at least a throw size out of a fun Christmas fat quarter bundle I bought several years ago and these cute colorful snowflakes on white as the background. It will probably be for next Christmas, but at least it will have been started. Just what we all need, right? Another NewFO!

And as always, Jacob is keeping me on my toes as well. This week it's been all about the remotes. If I won't let him have the TV remote, he goes for the Wii remotes that are in a cupboard down at his level and is SURE they will do something! I'm afraid not, little buddy, but keep trying. LOL!

Hopefully next week I'll have gotten something accomplished to report, even if it's just that more assignments got turned in on time! That's progress even if it's not on quilting. :-) I am trying to keep up with the FatMumSlim Photo of the Day postings as well, although I missed almost a week already and will be playing catch up once again. And so life goes on. Priorities shift and change. We get up every day and do the next indicated thing. I'm just anxious for quilting to be the focus and the next indicated thing for more than a few minutes at a time. But alas, the semester won't be over until the 2nd week of December, so I have a long couple of months to go before I can really play. I'm thinking seriously about going back to just one class per semester. At least the last semester I had a life some of the time!

More snippets from the sewing room soon...

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