Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another deadline approaching...

Last summer my granddaughter, Jordyn, picked out all of these fun retro prints with peace signs and asked for a quilt. Initially I went to EQ7 and started playing to see if I could design a layout that had an actual peace sign on it that would fit the top of her twin bed. My playing was successful and this is what I came up with. I matched the fabrics as close as I could from the fabric library to get the right look.

I used the EQ7 rotary cutting directions to cut the right number of HSTs and layout for placement, and completing the piecing done over the winter, got it sandwiched and pinned, and then it got tucked up in the closet for months, both before and after my move, waiting to be quilted. Well, Jordyn's 10th birthday is fast approaching later in September, so I guess it's time to get busy and finish this quilt so she can enjoy it while she's still likes the theme she picked. I pulled it down last week to start quilting as the first project to work on at the HQ16 in the kitchen while Jacob plays downstairs. The first day I got the entire central motif--peace sign and the center pink sections within the sign--quilted in one day! Now to get back to it and continue my progress.
To get a look at the whole quilt, I went ahead and hung it up on the line on my patio fence. Here's the front (not trimmed or bound yet). The entire quilt is pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50. The top is being quilted with a lilac #2510 Aurifil 50 with white Aurifil 50 on the back, except on the central peace sign and outer border.
The back is a glittery fun print with peace signs too. Below is a closeup of the straight line quilting I did around the peace sign itself. Since the fabric for the peace sign on the top is mostly black, any quilting wouldn't really show up, so the straight line quilting was perfect to stabilize that section. For the peace sign and outer border, I used (and will use in the border) black Aurifil 50 and on the back a pale purple/lavender #2520 Aurifil 50 that blends with the print. I found the two are of a similar enough value so any tension glitches won't show like they would with a white/black combination.
On the peace sign I started with three equally spaced lines of quilting, which left a little too much fullness compared to the central portion quilted with large swirls and pebbles, so I added another line between each one and it's perfect! Tomorrow Jacob will be back, so I'll start in on the next round and keep going until it's finished.

So this is my contribution to Linky Tuesday hosted by Freemotion by the River--a work in progress that now has a firm finish deadline for Jordyn's birthday.

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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