Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring-like day and a completed NewFO!

Oh the wonders of living in the midwest. Monday we had temps in the 70s and breezy that made for a great day for Jacob's first trip to the park! Today I woke up to lightening flashes and thunder, with morning rain and a cloudy, dreary day with dropping temps in the 30s. I guess Winter is back and our spring-preview is over for now.
While it was nice, Jacob and I walked over to the park and he got to swing for the first time. After some initial "What's this!?!", he relaxed and enjoyed it. With the breeze in his face he was smiling, but kept his eyes closed much of the time. When other kids came running by he would laugh. Success! And the much needed nap finally came about half a block from the house. Ahhh... 
Throughout Monday I stayed at my Sunday UFO--my cookie bowl advent calendar. I finished the FMQ, trimmed it and attached the binding, and by evening had completed hand slip-stitching the binding to the back. I've done many quilt bindings now, but I think this one has the best miters that I've done so far! I guess practice does make perfect, or at least vast improvement!

After making the extra bowl pocket yesterday, I changed my mind and ended up trimming it down to just the bowl and attaching it to the back with a close zig-zag satin stitch. I like it much better with just the bowl appliqued on instead of the whole pocket that included some of the background stripes. Perseverance paid off because before I shut down the sewing room Monday night at 8pm (just in time for the Kansas Jayhawk basketball game) it was complete! This finished pic shows it with several of the cookies in the bowl and the rest in the numbered pockets. Now it's off to the closet to wait for December 1 when it will be hung with my Christmas decorations.

The rest of today has been spent with Jacob. The first tooth we thought was coming for Christmas still hasn't appeared. So, we think it's close again--he's much more irritable, not sleeping well, and he's dripping drool like never before! The only way to get him to nap this morning was with me in the rocker. I'm not complaining! Nothing better than a nap together in Mormor's glider. Hopefully he's going down for his regular nap this afternoon, but from the noises coming from the other room, I doubt it.

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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