Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kids' Projects

Where has the week gone already! I guess having my grandkids here for 3 days followed by two days of helping my daughter will eat up a week lickety-split! I must admit I didn't get much quilting done; however, my granddaughter Jordyn and I did have fun making her creative project for school.

Jordyn's teacher assigned each child to decorate a t-shirt with 100 things to wear on the 100th day of school. The children will be wearing their t-shirts tomorrow, Friday, January 25 in celebration. The teacher told them to be creative, so Jordyn and I put our heads together. She wanted fabric on her t-shirt, naturally, being my granddaughter and a budding quilter herself. Rather than sew them on by machine, we cut ten 5" squares of her favorites out of my stash, did some nifty folding, and safety pinned them onto the shirt around the hem. Ten pieces of fabric, ten safety pins--check.

She then picked ten different ribbons and we cut them and she helped sew them each on with a button around the neckline. That made for another quick 20 items. The rest of the shirt was her original artwork with ten each of happy faces, peace signs, hearts, flowers, stars, and butterflies drawn on the front of the t-shirt to complete her 100 things. She is so proud of it and anxious to wear it on Friday! You might note behind her the scrappy blocks on the design board. Those are Jordyn's creations and she will be making more on visits so she can make her own first quilt. Our plan is to have at least a small quilt done before the county fair comes around in June so she can enter in the youth division.
A great part of their weekend visit was spent watching football and basketball. Both of Saturday's playoff games were exciting to watch and I'm soooooo happy that the San Francisco 49ers are going to the Super Bowl!!! I'm a California native and my mom was born in SF, so the 49ers and Giants will always be my home teams. Sunday we got to celebrate our Kansas roots and watch our Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas-State Wildcats win their respective games as well. Way to go!!! 

After the kids left on Monday, I spent the remaining hours of the afternoon finishing up a couple of projects for Jacob. I finished the grocery cart cosy that I had started, but wasn't especially happy with it. The second one went much better and I took it to Ali to start using this week. The other project I completed is Jacob's first bapron. I found the pattern online at Craftiness is not Optional. I love the little fish fabric--it reminds me of Goldfish crackers that he will soon be gobbling up! Next up will be to remember to take a picture of him wearing his bapron.
I've spent some time getting caught up with Downton Abbey on Netflix and HuluPlus. I told my daughter Ali I'd catch up so we can start watching it together and sharing food on our girls' night out starting with this new season. I watched the 2012 Christmas special last night and today I'll spend the afternoon with Ali watching the first episodes of the new season that she has saved on her DVR. She's home this week, having had all four wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday morning. I've split my time between Jacob care and Ali care this week, helping her through the first couple of days with her liquid diet and pain pills. She's much better already and should be starting to eat some soft foods by this afternoon. 

Now to settle back into some sort of routine again to make time for quilting and reading for my Sociology of Aging class that started this week, packed around my hours with Jacob during the week. Never a dull moment around here!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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