Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday--Coffee Quilt #2

It's Wednesday already and time to post something for WIP Wednesday hosted by Freshly Pieced. Last week I worked on a Marti Michel pattern with a cute selection of half-yard cuts of coffee themed fabrics to make "Coffee Anyone?" Well, that quilt is pinned and ready to be quilted and I still had a box full of coffee fabrics. Yesterday my new pattern arrived in the mail from Eleanor Burns' 2013 Signature Pattern Party and it looked like a great way to get rid of use more of the those coffee fabrics. It's not quite a quilt in a day, but it's close!

This morning I went to the weekly gathering of the Stitching Grannies at Quilter's Paradise in Baldwin City and took the box of coffee fabrics, my rotary cutter, and the new pattern with me. I got all of the strips and units cut out before lunch! Yay me! After a yummy lunch from the Mexican place next door, I went home and jumped in at the machine to get this thing put together.

By late afternoon I had all of the 4-patch units together and started assembling the 70 double-four patch units for the throw size. String piecing them was quicker than I expected and I spent more time pressing them open than sewing. It's sweaty work being that close to the steam iron for what seemed like hours!

I had purchased several mixers to use with the coffee fabrics, but didn't use the browns or blue stripe prints shown here and only a little of pink fabric. This quilt is using lots more of those extra mixers with some fun effects.
The blue stripe with stars is going different directions in each connecting section of setting triangles. In the morning I'll stop by the quilt shop to pick up another bit of that in order to complete the horizontal stripe row. Oh joy, I'm sure there will be yet more scraps to use another time! Now to decide what to frame it with for the border. Maybe another brown that doesn't blend too close with the pink & blue side setting triangles. It's interesting that the actual coffee fabric isn't nearly as obvious in this one since it's only in the 2" chain blocks. Every quilt turns out different and sometimes the subtleties make for a whole different look than expected. 

It's been a busy day with fun time visiting with the Grannies this morning, a couple of phone calls while stitching (thank goodness for bluetooth hands-free talking!) and lots of Beatles, George Harrison, and Traveling Wilbury's on the iTunes to keep me company. Looking at the box of coffee fabrics, I see there's still plenty left over for yet another scrappy coffee quilt!

I wonder what pattern will inspire me for the next round of coffee? Or have I had enough? Maybe I'll  throw them all a string piecing project that's on the list of things to do. For now, I think two coffee quilts is enough, thank you very much!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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