Monday, August 19, 2013

Beautiful quilts at the Douglas County (KS) Free Fair

What's the worst thing that can happen the week of a county fair? RAIN! Yes, that's right, day after day of rain. There were a couple of days when it was just cloudy and drizzly, but I didn't go back for those. I'm afraid I skipped the outside fun completely because, for me at least, with the rain it just didn't look fun. I did, however, go for the inside show with the quilts entered in the open class. There about 25 quilts entered by local quilters from very experienced down to beginners making their first quilted pieces.

As a resident of Douglas County and a member of two guilds here, I entered four quilts into the fair. All four took ribbons--three blue and one red, and two Reserve Grand Champions (2nd place) in the overall classes of quilts and wall hangings. I find it exciting and challenging to come up with something new to enter in the fair each year and always look forward to seeing how my quilts do up against my peers.

Here's pix of most of the entries for your viewing pleasure.

 Yes, that's a Reserve Grand Champion ribbon hanging from my Asian themed Enlightened Souls quilt.
 And another one on my Moondance Gal, a fun and sassy applique and FMQ piece I designed for the "It's All About Me" blog hop!
 My "Hugs & Kisses" blog hop original scrappy wall hanging took first place in original design!

This first quilt is a little rough, but a great first effort for a young quilter who we hope will enter something new next year. It was fun seeing some of the younger quilters win ribbons both in the open class and in the youth entries. Encouraging young quilters is important to the future of the art of quilting continuing in future generations.

Maybe next year I can get some fun outside shots of a small county fair. With 4H exhibits and animals, plus the carnival rides, there's sure to be some action to catch if the rain will please stay away. And of course, more quilts!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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