Sunday, November 29, 2015

When iced in... Quilt!

Driving into the sunset on Wednesday evening.
On Wednesday afternoon, I drove 2 hours to one of my best friend's homes to spend the long holiday weekend. I joined Linda and her family for Thanksgiving dinner for the third year in a row where, this year, we had over a dozen children to entertain us! It was such a joy to see so many children among us as the family continues to grows and friends with children are included in the celebrations. With plenty of food and fellowship, we were blessed to be together on an icy day. The remnants of that meal will feed several of us for several days this week as we enjoy leftovers.

Carving the turkey and ham, getting ready to feed the crowd!
The kids are gathering at the kid-table, ready for their Thanksgiving feast!
The rest of the weekend was spent staying in and warm at the sewing machine while the ice continued to accumulate throughout the weekend.
The leaves were coated with ice that only got thicker as the weekend progressed.

A stack of over a dozen movies still sit on Linda's TV stand that we watched throughout the weekend as light entertainment. To say the time spent was productive would be an understatement. Two tops were completed, a third has all of its parts ready for the design wall, and a fourth has the hand-binding over half done. Only one project remained untouched, but I have the necessary foot (thank you to another friend who loaned it to me!) to complete the pintucking necessary before the applique can be done.
Stitching the final rows of half-hexies together to complete the Snowday top.
Snowday hexified panel top complete! Now to decide on borders for finishing.

The parts of the Snowday hexified panel were nearly ready to be assembled when I left home. I completed sewing the rows of half-hexies together for the last section and then successfully framed the panel to fit and assembled the top. Additional borders will be added before it is entirely complete, but this is a great step forward in getting it done.
Experimenting with layout options for the remaining sets of triangles of Skylines.

The pairs of triangles are sewn and their thirds are waiting to be sewn on.

Half of the strips cut for the Skylines hexified panel had been cut into triangles and sewn together at a previous retreat. This weekend I cut the remaining strips into triangles and got them all sewn together into half-hexies, and all of the halves are now pinned together.
All of the Skyline hexies are pinned and ready for the design wall.

Original design Elvis quilt top is ready for borders and quilting!
Another project I took along was one I had started several months ago. A good friend from California had purchased several pieces of Elvis Presley fabric that she had sent to me to turn into items for her to gift among friend in the Elvis Fan Club she belongs to out in Los Angeles. This weekend I finally put the final stitches in the top of the throw. I even have enough of one of the fabrics to cover about 80% of the back, so with a little inventive piecing, even the back will be Elvis!

Hand stitching the binding to finish The Iris.

As projects got completed towards the end of our weekend, I pulled out The Iris and made it over half way around, hand-stitching the binding down to get it finished up. All in all, I got so much accomplished this weekend! It was so amazing having the entire holiday weekend to dedicate to finishing or making significant progress on several projects. Good company, good food, a warm place to work, can't be beat!

By the end of the weekend, it had rained/sleeted/iced for three days and there was about 1/2" or more of ice on everything. Luckily by Sunday morning the temperatures had climbed up above freezing, so the treated roads were just wet for driving. As I prepared for my drive home, I took some amazing pictures of the ice on trees and grass. Although an ice storm is nothing to play with and can be very deadly, it is still gorgeous to see. I left during a window of mid-30s when it sleeted or rained much of the way home. The forecast tonight calls for more freezing rain and ice overnight across central Kansas, so I am grateful to be home safe and warm after an amazing weekend.

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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