Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Monday Link-up Part 3

I've jumped in with Bonnie Hunter and thousands of other quilters to work on her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt. This post is linked up with Bonnie's Celtic Solstice Monday Link-up Part 3.

We've received three clues so far, but with my schedule of finals through December 8, spending the first week post-semester regrouping, then displaying some of my quilted items at a 3-day flea market this past weekend, and now trying to get ready for Christmas, I'm slow getting started.
My good friend started the Honey Beezz Flea Market in November and will hold it the 3rd weekend of every month indoors at the local Knights of Columbus, in Lawrence, Kansas. She is providing a booth for me and her mom to share that will feature her mom's crocheted items and my quilted and machine embroidered items. I have been talking about marketing my quilts and trying to get some commissioned memory quilts to help support myself while I'm in school. Having this exposure at the monthly flea will be a great way to get the word out! With my days with grandson Jacob gradually decreasing as he started daycare/preschool two days a week this year, I need to bolster my income and really am not ready to go back to a regular job yet. So, working the booth actually gave me quite a few hours this past weekend to work on cutting out the first clues. The traffic wasn't high enough to keep me real busy, so I multi-tasked and took a cutting board and rotary cutter and my entire bag of Celtic Solstice fabrics with me. Before the event wrapped up on Sunday at 3pm, I had successfully cut out all of Clue #1 pieces and about 80% of Clue #2 pieces. I still have to get to Clue #3, but that will have to wait a few days.

Having this task to work on sure made the hours fly by! For Clue #2 I have all of the green and yellow pieces cut and have started the neutrals. 
I was also delighted to sell my first quilted item--a stacked tree that I made last year. Below is the one I made and kept for myself. The only difference in the one I sold is I didn't sew the tiny bells on each point.

Other items that I had in the booth were several mug rugs that I made and a dozen or so machine embroidered lace covered ornaments. It was a fun event to be part of and I look forward to getting more small items made for the months to come.
My son-in-law has finals through the end of this week, so I still have Jacob through Friday, which is putting a hitch in my plans to finish Christmas gifts I'm making. He's such a blessing to have with me three days a week, but at 18-months, he's into EVERYTHING! I'm cherishing every day he's here and letting the projects go for now. Looks like the weekend and early next week will be a crazy rush to get done by Christmas! I'm sure I'll manage... We always do, right?

Once I'm past Christmas, I'm looking forward to a real break since my SIL will keep Jacob home with him until classes start up again on January 21. Hopefully that will give me plenty of time to catch up on Celtic Solstice, as well as some other projects left hanging as my semester got crazy. I'm sure enjoying seeing everyone's color choices and how the blocks are looking. Even with the same color selections, fabric choices make each one look so different!

More snippets from the sewing room soon,

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