Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Almost done! WIP Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday again and I haven't posted any WIP's in a couple of weeks. It's been a crazy time of a teething Jacob, the added work of mid-term paper due for class, and a sluggish cloud that seems to always hit me in February/March around the anniversaries of my folks' passings. Life stays interesting and now, to add to all this, I'm getting ready to move! My daughter has taken a job near Kansas City and she and her husband and little Jacob will be moving up there this summer and, if I want to keep helping them (helping me!) by babysitting Jacob, I need to follow. So, Friday I'm looking at one place and Monday will see another and then decide if either of them will meet my needs. If so (and I truly hope so!) I get to start moving by April 1 and don't actually have to be out of my current home until May 31. I'm hoping to be done much earlier than that and maybe even get the extra month's rent refunded (these places are nice and rent easily). We shall see...

In the meantime, what have I been working on. My ongoing project of doing the FMQ on my friend Dianna's quilt is nearly done! Hurray!!! All 25 12" blocks are done with the stencil design, the sashings are all done, and I have the first border quilted and am ready to turn the corner to finish it up this weekend.

The other project is the Zig-a-Zag from Eleanor Burns 2013 Pattern Party. I have most of my projects either waiting to be cut or in the queue to be quilted and I felt the urge to piece. After watching EB's video of how to make this quilt and seeing all of the examples in different color ways, I got the jelly roll that had been calling to me out, opened it up, and got busy. It didn't take a day, but it didn't take long either. If I had uninterrupted time, it might have been done in a day. At least I like to think so. :-)

Now the question is what to border it with. I'm not going to trim the bubble print in the triangles, but will leave it there to "float" the zig-zag design over that as a background. I found in my stash a lovely yellow with orange swirls that complements several of the prints from the jelly roll and am thinking about doing either a 1" or 1/2" border and then probably a 4" border of either the purple with gold zig-zag print or the purple swirls. I've put them up on the design board, but still can't really decide. My other thought was to use a very light purple for the narrow border and staying in that colorway for the entire frame. I'm pretty sure I have something that would blend, but be light enough to offer a contrast, but have to keep digging to find it. What do you think?

Starting tomorrow night I'll have little Jacob for 10 days 24/7! My daughter and her husband are going to the Bahamas as a gift from her gramma who arranges house trades around the world. It's their belated honeymoon that they didn't get to take because of jobs and school schedules two and a half years ago. My granddaughter Jordyn will join us on Monday for a few days to help out and to have time during her spring break to work on her quilt blocks. It looks to be a very busy and exciting (and probably exhausting!) week at my house!

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  1. Great zig-zag quilt. I love the optical illusion it creates. The borders should be a nice compliment to it. Have fun with the grand-daughter!

  2. That is a beautiful zig zag quilt! It really is amazing the different ways zig zag can be used with colour. It has great optical illusions in it.